About Us

Our philosophy


Ethics are always before any picture. Always Nature First. 

All my photographic work is made in natural conditions without manipulation of the animals. 

I won’t offer you a stage session, we will work in the jungle, taking advantage of every creature we find. Working this way you will learn how to overcome the difficulties of every situation to get the best possible result, without interfering so much with animal life. 

Cyn Bandurek in the wild

Small groups

Reducing the group size in wildlife tours can lead to a more enjoyable, safer, and environmentally friendly experience for both clients and wildlife.

A smaller group means a smaller environmental impact and allows us to give you a more personalized experience. A smaller group can increase the chances of spotting wildlife and reduce the disturbance to the animals.

Ethical Photography

For us, Nature is always first. We will capture beautiful and real situations in the natural world

Real experience in the jungle

You will get real expeditions in the jungle, not stage sessions

Photography Mentoring

We will assist and teach you with all we know to help you improve your skills

Learn about the forest 

We will teach you all about the creatures we find so you will love even more the forest and the living beings you will portrait

Help Conservation Projects and Local Communities

We are going to visit and explore local projects that protect the forest

Meet the Team


Cynthia is a field naturalist graduated in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. She is a wildlife artist, and as nature photographer she has specialized in macro photography.

She has worked in many Conservation Projects in Argentina, and during 11 years was part of the Natural Sciences Museum of Buenos Aires. For the past 2 years she has been working at the Darwinian Botanical Institute. Both institutions belong to CONICET, the main agency that fosters science and technology in Argentina.

Cynthia has lectured several macro photography workshops as well as conferences about this type of photography and its relationship with conservation.

She belongs to the editor team of two international photography and conservation magazines, Paws Trails Explorers and Objetivo Natural. She is author of the Book: The world of small. An approach to the universe of arthropods from an artistic, visual and evolutionary perspective. Cynthia has also served as a member of the jury for national and international photography contests.