Exploring the Jungles, discovering the stories hidden in the forest

Join Us and Embark on Real Adventures through the jungles

A real photography adventure where you will be in contact with nature in an authentic way

An immersion in the jungle looking for the hidden creatures

You will learn how to take advantage of the opportunities Nature gives us, how to overcome difficulties without the necessity to capture animals or build stages to get stunning shots

  • Real understanding of how the forest works

  • Capture real behaviors and still get artistic frames

  • How to master the technique to not lose any opportunities

  • Master lighting in the harsh conditions that jungle implies

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Exploring the jungles

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The hidden world

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Why Choose Us

Ethical Photography

For us, Nature is always first. We will capture beautiful and real situations in the natural world

Real experience in the jungle

You will get real expeditions in the jungle, not stage sessions

Photography Mentoring

We will assist and teach you with all we know to help you improve your skills

Learn about the forest 

We will teach you all about the creatures we find so you will love even more the forest and the living beings you will portrait

Help Conservation Projects and Local Communities

We are going to visit and explore local projects that protect the forest